Baisa ra Beera (Translation)

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Folk Song in Marwari, fused with Assamese
Produced by Coke Studio
Performed by Papon and Kalpana Patowari

Here is a translation of the Marwari parts of the song:

बाई सा रा बीरा म्हने 
पीहरिए ले चालो सा 
पीहरिए री म्हने ओलु आवे 

Baisa ra beera mhane
Pihariye le chalo sa
Pihariye ri mhane olu aawe

Oh sister-in-law's dear brother

Take me to my maiden's home
I am feeling very homesick

धणी अलबेलो बदिला
नैनी मतवाली नार
सासरिए में काईं  दुख पायो?
माइन तो थारी म्हासे पानीड़ो भरवाए सा
पतली कमर महारी लुड़ लुड़ जाए

Dhani albelo badila
Naini matwali naar
Sasariya mein kayin dukh paayo?
Maayin to thaari mhase panido bharwaaye sa
Patli kamar mhari lud lud jaai

Your husband is such a handsome guy
You seem such a sensuous and beautiful woman
What trouble do you find in your husband's place?
Your mother keeps telling me all the time to fill water in the vessels
and my delicate waistline is losing away to the chores

पानी रे खातिर थारे 
पानिहरि लगवा दूँ रे 
पतली कमर काइयाँ लुड़ लुड़ जाए?
बहनल तो थारी महासे आड़ा टेढ़ा बोले सा 
ब्याका बोल म्हने नई भावे 

Paani re khatir thare
Panihari lagwa du re
Patali kamar kaiyaan lud lud jaaye!?
Behnal to thari mhase aada tedha bole sa
Byaka bol mhane nai bhaave

For your water woes,
I will have a water-maid
How then will your waist hurt
Your sister is always talking to me in a crooked way
I can not tolerate her words

Assamese here

Gokulä maaje
Ajihe gokulä maaje
Modhurä muruli baaje
Nanderä nändänä
Bräjerä jibänä
Phaguräe khelanu khelaai
Baaje dhool baaje khol
Holir uthise rol
Säräne nupurä baaje

बहनल तो महारी हरियल
बागां की कोयलिया
थोड़ा दिन रेवे पछे, उडी उडी जाए
थैं तो बाता का लोभी
समझो ना समझावां सूं
थारी समझ में नई आवे

Behnal to mhari hariyal
Baaga ki koyaliyaa
Thoda din rehwe paache udi udi jaae

Thain to baatan ka lobhi
Samjho na samjhaya sun
Tharee samajh mein nayee aawe!

My sister is simply young
Just like a koyal in the garden
She is going to be here for a small while then fly away (after marriage)
You are just a man of words
You will not understand on explaining
You will not get what I am ever saying!

The word 'Dhani' may (have) suffer(ed in the song) a translation error. Dhani in Pure Hindi would be pronounced (धनी ) which would mean wealthy, however, in marwari, Dhani would be pronounced as (धणी ) which means husband. The song being a conversation between a husband and wife, the second reading makes complete sense, and has been used here as final.

Similarly, in the last paragraph, the word "baatan ka" (of words) must have been misunderstood as "pataaka" (crakers) which actually doesn't make much sense. I have edited it for my own understanding and haven't referred it to any records.

On Language

Saturday, March 28, 2020

...Then we both said, in effect simultaneously: 'the fact is, they just done speak the same language.'

...when we come to say 'we just don't speak the same language' we mean something more general: that we have different immediate values or different kinds of valuation, or that we are aware, often intangibly, of different formations and distributions of energy and interest.
 -Raymond Williams in Introduction, Keywords

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