Notes on Young Subcontinent Project 2017, Goa

Friday, January 05, 2018

Published in the Herald, Goa, December 17 (?), 2017
reported by Kishore Amati

Detail for a Library

Was so happy to have this simple detail for the magazine rack at SEA (School of Environment & Architecture) realised. 

Three Brutalisms: Shanghai

Diagram for a paper:

Three Brutalisms in Shanghai, China
  1. Longchang Apartments -former jail turned into residential space 
  2. 1933 - former slaughterhouse turned into a tourist centre 
  3. Former neighbourhoods being gentrified and the takeover by edifices of capitalism

Longchang Apartments, Shanghai
1933 Slaughterhouse, Shanghai

Li long type apartments with the high rise development, Shanghai


Here is celebration of kitschy art at the Terminal 2 airport in Mumbai. I wonder why the curator felt that it was important to fill up every inch of space with some art or the other from some part of India. The orgy of ornament is suffocating! Over long forced walks at the T2, one is expected to brush along works that seem disparate and connected at the same time!

Over several ins and outs of T2 now, I am compelled to buy into Prasad's (Shetty) argument that the new airport is quite poor as a functional resolution - one that makes you walk much more than others, some times more than a kilometre to get to places of priority. One is baffled by the magnanimity of the airport for no real reason! Besides, as a public facility, as Prasad pointed, the airport becomes more and more cumbersome as it pushes access to public transport to the corner, and levies taxis and services a heavy parking or entrance charge! Setting itself aloof from the city, it becomes an exclusively private entity, for the elite to savour.

Prasad draws attention to the diagrams of several airports to critique T2. For those traveling once in a while, the new Mumbai Airport may be an experience. However, for regular commuters, the sheer redundancy of circulation within which the art work and plastic landscape is accommodated can become quite tedious. The airport makes you go up and down and pushes you through a humungous shopping plaza that you aren't necessarily ready to engage with. Besides, the long walks and the pressure to reach to the boarding gates in time never leave you with any room for standing and gazing by the overflowing artworks along the airports.

Nevertheless, there is no question that architecturally, the building is well detailed - but you leave it thinking -- at what expense?

Kochi Biennale 2016 Favourites

Apologies for
1. Delayed Post
2. Bad photographs
3. No annotations
4. No explanations
5. Limited works

There was just so much to see at the Kochi Biennale 2016, and here's what I could mange to shoot with my scratchy phone camera and 10-year old dying Sony Cybershot. I realized later, immediately, that I needed to get both - my phone and camera fixed! Nevertheless, just for record, here are some works that moved me:


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